Dental Implants

Many dental patients, who have had their teeth removed due to injury or tooth decay and have missing teeth or dentures, feel self conscious or embarrassed about eating, laughing, smiling or chewing, and fear that their denture may slip or come loose. At Bowman Dental we can help you improve your dental comfort, restore your confidence and enjoy life to the fullest.

Missing teeth and dentures can be replaced securely and confidently with dental implants, enabling you to eat the foods you love again.

Why have dental implants?

A secure fit for improved comfort and Chewing  

A dental implant is a small cylinder made from titanium that is placed in the jaw bone in place of a missing tooth root. The bone around the implant bonds with the implant surface after placement, so that restorations fixed over it, such as a ceramic crown, a multi-tooth bridge or a full denture are fixed securely in position.  The stable connection to the jaw bone means your implants will function like long-lasting healthy teeth and you can eat and chew normally with improved comfort. You will look and feel better as the replacement teeth can be fixed in the best position for the fit and function, creating optimum aesthetics for your face, jaw and lips. 

Reduced jaw bone loss

Apart from creating a gap in your smile, missing teeth result in significant bone loss, which happens because your jaw bone needs the chewing action of teeth to stimulate it and keep it strong. As dental implants provide a fixed solution to missing teeth they assist in preventing further bone loss and help you to appear younger, healthier, and more attractive. You will be able to speak naturally, eat whatever you like and feel like yourself again.


There are two main requirements for people who are interested in dental implants. The first is that you are are in good oral health and the second is that you have adequate bone in your jaw. Being in good oral health is very important for the overall success of the implant and is needed for the future care and maintenance of the teeth after the implant. It is important that you have enough bone in your jaw because most dental implants are placed directly in the bone. Without adequate bone, the implantation will not be successful. A 3D x-ray will be required to determine if you enough bone to make the implant a success.