COVID-19 Updates

Things have changed,
but one thing remains the same:
our dedication to our patients

In order to continue serving our patients and community, we have adapted and enhanced our protocols. We ask that you, in turn, keep both our team members and fellow patients safe by being aware and abiding by the following information. Please read to familiarize yourselves with the necessary steps you must take when presenting for your appointments.

The health and safety of our patients and team members has been and always will be our #1 priority. As a healthcare facility, we maintain the highest standard of infection prevention and control. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have enhanced our protocols and PPE to ensure we are able to remain open for our patients.

1. Medical grade HEPA air filtration units. These units are individually equipped to filter the air multiple times per hour and will filter particles down to 0.001 microns. You will find the air purifiers throughout the office.

2. We will disinfect commonly touched surfaces such as doorknobs and countertops,  etc. at high frequency.

3. We will screen patients over the phone, and again when they come for their appointment.

4. We have removed all magazines, toys and coffee bar from the waiting room.

5. Patients will be asked to wear a mask or cloth face covering to their appointment, and we will have them wash their hands and use hand sanitizer upon arrival.

6. Patients will use a pre-treatment rinse prior to any aerosol-generating procedure. This has been shown to be effective at killing bacteria and viruses for a short time, so even if a patient does happen to be a silent carrier of the virus, this will significantly decrease the virus in their mouth and the environment.

7. Our team will wear additional personal protective equipment to keep them safe, and have all been trained on the latest practices for minimizing transmission of the virus.

8.  Forms will be handled online as much as possible.

During this time, things may seem different in the dental office just as they are in our regular lives. Protective protocols will continue to evolve as the world learns more about this virus and how to keep everyone safe. Rest assured that we will stay up to date with all new developments, and we will implement all recommended protocols designed to keep you and our team safe while here in the office.

                                                        Thank You!