Mother’s Day Smile Makeover

Our Mothers Always Know How To Make Us Smile

It’s time to return the favor, that is why we created the Mother’s Day Smile Makeover. We want to give a deserving mother a smile that shines as much as she does. Here at Bowman Dental our team understands the sacrifices that mothers make on a daily basis and want to celebrate the incredible influence these amazing women have on their families and those around them. We are inviting you to nominate a very special Mom in your life for the amazing opportunity of a smile makeover!

Nothing improves your appearance, confidence, and outlook on life like a bright and healthy smile.  Nominate someone who you believe deserves to win comprehensive dental work focused on improving their smile — whatever that may be! This smile makeover will be completely personalized to meet their goals and dental health needs.

We will announce the winner on Mother’s Day, May 9th, 2021. All entries must enclose a clear photograph of the nominee and an essay on why you feel they should be chosen. The deadline to submit applications is Monday, May 3rd.

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Attach a clear photo of the nominee smiling or have their teeth showing
  • Tell us why they deserve to win
  • How winning would change their life
  • Your contact information (email, phone number)
  • The more details, the better!

The Bowman Dental staff will review the entries and choose the winner based on the story and photo that you submit and the potential for a smile transformation. Once the winner is chosen, we will schedule a consultation to evaluate the needed dental procedures and then document the process from beginning to end.

Read the Mother’s Day Makeover Official Rules.
Disclaimer: Any entrants into the Mother’s Day Makeover Contest give their consent to have the makeover process photographed, documented, and shared publicly. Entrants must live locally and be able to come to multiple appointments.

Disclaimer: Services in the Contest may include restorative dentistry, periodontal therapy, endodontic therapy, orthodontic therapy, implant dentistry, oral surgery or applicable services. After the initial makeover process, dental upkeep or ongoing dental work will be the financial responsibility of the makeover winner.