Bowman Dental Savings Plan

A Simple Way to Save Big on Dental Services

Why did we create our own Savings Plan?

It has been made clear to us that many of our patients don’t have access to dental insurance and those who do aren’t satisfied with the many limitations those plans include. We make every effort to provide a variety of financial options so you don’t have to sacrifice your health as a result.

As the old ways of dental insurance are moving to the past, we are excited to introduce our very own in-house savings plans designed to help bring your dental costs down to affordably meet all the dental needs of both you and your family.

Enjoy discounted dental services without any of the hassles or paperwork involved with insurance!


Okay, so here’s the fine print:

The Bowman Dental Savings Plan is not dental insurance; it’s an annual membership plan. Enrolling in our savings plan gives you the opportunity to obtain high quality dental care at reduced fees. The Savings Plan is not transferable to other dental offices. The Savings Plan is only available to patients who do not have existing dental insurance or anticipate discontinuing their current dental insurance.

The savings plan is an annual reduced-fee dental plan for individuals, families, business owners and their team members. Fees for dental services may change at any time. This plan is not to be used in conjunction with insurance or any other dental discounts. Must be paid in full at time of service.